R6k more needed to help brave child battling rare cancer

R6k more needed to help brave child battling rare cancer

Johannesburg - Despite the odds given to six-year-old Layla O'Neill, she's survived four years more than doctors initially thought.

Layla is one of about 700 people in the world with a rare cancer called Ependymoma.

She was diagnosed when she was two years old after tumours were found on her spine and at the base of her brain stem. 

Treatment to save her life, has cost her the use of her legs, and Layla can no longer walk. Still, even with her walking disability, this young child continues to stay positive about her condition.

Several surgeries, costly MRI scans and treatment plans which have seen her travel to India, has taken a toll on her family's financial resources. Her mother, Sharyn O'Neill, fundraises through a foundation called Ependy Angels. 

On Thursday, Ms. O'Neill thanked those who support Layla's journey through cancer. In a statement, she said she managed to raise R14,000 of the R20, 000 needed for her child's next round of treatment.

"Layla had her MRI on Tuesday... and we managed to get some results. Unfortunately, Layla has new tumors on both her brain and spine."

Ms. O'Neill said she expected to have detailed feedback from Layla's doctors in two weeks, which is when her medical team would convene to discuss her case.

Layla, unfortunately is also battling a urine and blood infection, which has seen her admitted to hospital for treatment and testing.

In May, the little girl warrior will turn seven.

Click here to contribute to Layla's fundraising campaigns.

Caption: 24 hours after MRI Layla hasn't been feeling well . Temp spiked to 39,3 busy with some tests to see what's wrong . Another hospital visit maybe on the cards. Photo; Sharyn O'Neil/Supplied.



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