Abandoned, sick dog recovers and finds forever home

Abandoned, sick dog recovers and finds forever home

Editor's note: This story contains an image that might be upsetting to look at. It is important to know that this puppy has been helped.

Durban - The animal rights activist and photographer who took to Facebook with pictures of an abandoned Rottweiler pup, has adopted the canine and taken her home.

You might remember Khaleesi, the warrior pup who had all but given up on life until she was miraculously saved, rehabilitated and treated for mange.

Karen Wadsworth Borain uploaded pictures of the puppy to Facebook in April. The images told the story of how she suffered starvation and disease before being picked up by the local SPCA during a routine patrol. 

At the time, Ms. Borain told Newsful that based on her state, it appeared as though Khaleesi had been roaming the streets for months with no human assistance. She said Amanzimtoti SPCA's branch manager Tracy Girling played an instrumental part in saving the pup and nursing her back to health.

Fast forward six weeks and Khaleesi's transformation is remarkable. During her recovery, generous donations from international organisations, the general public and local businesses saw Khaleesi receive the very best care. About R12,000 in cash was also raised and the puppy even received a custom bed from Rottie Rescue based in Johannesburg. Attention was also given to rebuilding her trust in humans.

Ms. Borain said she visited Khaleesi almost daily and posted regular updates on her progress on Facebook. She said, as the time neared for Khaleesi to be homed, she shuddered at the thought that she might never see the pup again. So, she made the decision to adopt her.

"It was never my intention to adopt Khaleesi. But after several weeks of visiting her... our bond has developed so deeply that I couldn't resist. Thankfully, Tracey, gave me first option and I was allowed to bring her home."

Ms. Borain said she has three other rescue dogs and together, all of them get along extremely well.

"She (Khaleesi) has settled in so quickly and my three boy dogs are completely besotted with her. She hasn't stopped wagging her tail.

Khaleesi (black) bonding with Karen Wadsworth Borain's three other dogs at their home. Picture: Karen Wadsworth Borain

"She has taught me so much about love, forgiveness, inner strength and compassion. She has a beautiful soul and I am in awe of her strength and wil to survive."

Ms. Borain urged the public to give assistance to mistreated and abandoned animals. "Every dog has a will to live. Every dog has that right. It is humans who cause their suffering, so if you have the ability to help them, then I feel  that it is a moral obligation to do so. Never underestimate their inner strength. Often, all it takes is giving them a chance and to show them love and compassion. The reward of their returned love and loyalty makes up for the effort [anyone puts into saving their life] in leaps and bounds. Dogs have the capacity to love and forgive unconditionally -- we can learn a lot from them."

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