Abandoned puppy had all but given up until love found her

Abandoned puppy had all but given up until love found her

Editor's note: This story contains an image that might be upsetting to look at. It is important to know that this puppy has been helped.

Durban - A Rottweiler puppy has been given a second chance at life after pictures of her and the abysmal state she was living in, surfaced on Facebook last week.

Karen Wadsworth Borain, an animal rights activist and photographer, told Newsful that the puppy -- who was named Khaleesi after a female warrior character from the Game of Thrones television series -- was spotted roaming the streets of Amanzimtoti, south of Durban last week Friday. She had been abandoned and had contracted mange.

"Khaleesi must have been wandering the streets for months, searching for food and shelter. Not even one person stopped to help her."

According to Ms. Wadsworth Borain, the Amanzimtoti SPCA had been performing a routine patrol in the uMbumbulu township area when Tracey Girling, the branch's manager, spotted the puppy.

"When [Ms. Girling] approached her, she and her team saw that Khaleesi had a severe case of mange and a deep cut on at least one of her paws. They picked her up and rushed her back to the SPCA where they admitted her into the hospital ward. It was determined that Khaleesi was still a puppy -- not more than a year old."

Ms. Wadsworth Borain said for the rest of that day, Khaleesi sat dejectedly in the corner of the sanctuary and stared at the wall. She said the puppy refused to eat or look at anyone.
"In her eyes you could see that she felt absolutely defeated and lost all hope in humanity."

Ms. Wadsworth Borain posted a plea for help on her Facebook page: "I am pleading to all of my Facebook friends to donate something to the Amanzimtoti SPCA to contribute towards her (Khaleesi's) care. Any small amount will help."

Within a matter of hours, donations of food, toys, fresh home cooked meals and money came rolling in. A week later, a tally of financial contributions amounted to R12,000. 

"Donations were even made from Australia and New Zealand. Sponsors Acana and Hills Pet Nutrition offered to send Khaleesi premium food and several people dropped off toys and blankets. She was also donated a special bed which was delivered by courier from Samantha Laing Jacobs from Rottie Rescue in Johannesburg," Ms. Wadsworth Borain told Newsful.

Fast track a week. and Khaleesi's improvement is visible.

Caption: The difference in Khaleesi after a week of treatment and unconditional love. Source: Facebook

"The money is definitely enough to ensure that she gets the very best in medical and nutritional care possible. She is already acting like a normal, happy dog. She greets us with a tail wag and lots of kisses. Her swelling has drastically reduced, her eyes are clear, and most importantly, she is smiling!"

Khaleesi's journey to recovery will take at least eight more weeks and in that time, the puppy will remain in the hospital section of the SPCA. Mange is a parasitic mite that burrows into the skin causing severe itch and burn. It is a curable condition.

Ms. Wadsworth Borain said when Khaleesi is better she will be put up for adoption.

"The Amanzimtoti SPCA will screen all candidates to ensure that she is never abused or neglected again, and that she will only feel love and tenderness going forward."

The Amanzimtoti SPCA is a non-profit organisation that relies on donations to sustain them financially.

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