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He’s our ultra cool tech guy with news on everything from gaming to software and devices. Interested in knowing more about the techno world? Have a question about something you own or something you’d like to get? Ash will try his best to give you a no-nonsense answer. | @UCIslik | LinkedIN

She’s the Editor and Founder of Newsful. Benita loves to surround herself with those who want to change the world. If there’s something you’d like to see on Newsful, she’s the person to let know about it. Benita started where most of you started; with a dream and a desire to see it come alive. In 16 years, she's worked in all corners of news reporting, creation and leadership. She's also led some pretty well-known newsrooms and now, she's putting ALL that skill into something positive. | @BenitaSays | LinkedIN
To understand Hema, you’ll have to have a love for math that goes beyond what words can describe. Hema is revolutionising our business by informing us on new methods to raise seed and using that money to make sound investments. She's an actuary with a wealth of knowledge on... wealth. | LinkedIN
  Dr. Lee
Dr. Lee is a medical doctor who lives in Durban. She's the team member who's constantly looking out for great medical strides we make as a country everyday. | LinkedIN
Hunger, snacking and grazing by the fridge. Julie knows ALL about that. Understanding what food does to our body enables us to maintain our brain and body health. We've got mad skills that need mad energy and the right food choice is where it starts. Thanks for giving us healthy menues, Jools. | LinkedIN
  Dr. Sam
It’s been called a noggin, your thinker, a noodle and many more. Basically, we’re talking about your brain and Dr. Sam helps Newsful: Useful News Now. understand how the brain receives positive news and information. With his guidance, we're able to position news and images strategically so that it's remembered by readers. 
There's so much more that goes into solution-focused publishing than just words. With Sheethal's expert help, we analyse data, reader behaviour and social trends. Then, we act on what we've learned to better inform our writing style and content choices to maximise our positive effect on you. | LinkedIN


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